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Derma Collagen Night Source
Crème de nuit

70 ml
CHF 62.71 / 100 ml
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sans silicone
sans paraffine
Réf. art.1000565
Effetlissant, soyeux
Type de peautous types de peau, peaux matures
Bénéfice produitanti-âge, hydratant, repulpant, stimulant
Label produitsans silicone, sans paraffine, végan, sans gluten, sans traces de noix
Type de produitCanette
Champ d'applicationvisage
This rich night cream contains a highly effective blend of bioengineered natural peptides, phytosterols, microalgae and hyaluronic acid. It provides intensive moisture and supports collagen synthesis at full speed while you sleep. It plumps and replenishes the skin with essential proteins, amino acids and lipids that strengthen the epidermis. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin soft, smooth and youthfully supple.
70 ml
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